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Effects Of Modular Learning On Student's Homework Assignments

Modular Learning
Self-reliant ways of teaching and learning are replacing conventional teaching methods. Modular learning is gaining prominence in the contemporary world. There are positive and negative effects of modular learning on students' homework assignments. Some researchers argue that the modular learning approach expands students' learning opportunities. It also improves the academic performance of students, but the detractors of modular learning argue otherwise. They highlight the negative effects of modular learning. This article by will discuss about the effects of modular learning on students' homework assignments.

What is Modular Learning?

Modular learning enables students to become self-reliant and learn in independent environments. Modular education encompasses teaching methods based on independent units. Students also have to complete various projects and assignments from each module. They have the freedom to select the courses, assignments and projects. It allows them to indulge in flexible learning essential for their personal growth. Module-based learning is not homogenous, and it does not believe in ubiquitous assimilation. Modular learning offers personalised learning options. These options cater to the specific needs of each student.

What Are The Positive Effects Of Modular Learning?

Modular education divides courses into smaller learning modules. Each module has its own set of qualifications, learning objectives and skills’ output. The effects of modular learning are positive on students’ learning experiences. Students and employees can benefit from modular material since it allows them to enhance their learning and skills. Moreover, modular learning enables professionals to strengthen their academic qualifications. It also increases their chances of career advancement. Modular learning promotes lifetime learning. Working professionals can develop skills in a fairly short length of time while still working. Furthermore, the effects of modular learning on students' academic performance are significant. Here are some of the positive effects of modular learning on students:
  • Modular learning allows students to develop self-reliance when they have to complete assignments.
  • Imparts the concept of self-study and enhanced learning skills
  • Students can learn at their own pace and time
  • Homework assignments of modular learning impart a sense of responsibility among students. They can improve at their own pace and learn self-organisation skills.
  • One of the positive effects of modular learning on students is the dissemination of lifelong learning skills. Students indulge in self-study and develop curiosity about the topics and explore the details of the topics.
  • Students have the freedom to navigate through the coursework, which allows them freedom and flexibility.
  • Students get assignments and projects which compel them to seek the practical implications of theoretical constructs learned during the modules.
  • Independent assignments and case studies enhance the knowledge and skills of students. Students can explore and discover new things and facts.
  • Self-reflection is among the significant effects of modular learning on students. Students have to reflect on their learning experiences and write reports.
  • Students who have social anxiety can take up modular learning and subsequently decrease their social anxiety.
  • Students feel in charge of their learning experience, and therefore, it develops their leadership skills.
  • Students develop the ability to take the initiative on their own
  • Students who have to finance their education can work as well while studying. Modular learning allows students to take up part-time jobs and study as well.
  • Modular learning also enhances virtual student mobility. Students can enrol themselves with coursework help services UK. They get an opportunity to learn the international curriculum and interact with international students.
  • Enables the students to work without minimal supervision.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Modular Learning On Students?

Some students cannot work independently and without any supervision. They lack self-discipline, and therefore, they have inadequate organisational skills. So, there are some negative effects of modular learning on students. Below are some of the negative effects of modular learning on students:
  • Students can get easily distracted while working on assignments if they have minimal supervision.
  • Some students need daily reminders from their peers and professors to complete their assignments on time. Students who are not self-reliant cannot complete their assignments on time if there is no one to supervise them.
  • Assignments have strict deadlines and students who do not have any supervision get distracted easily and ultimately lose the track of time.
  • Students differ in their learning capacities, and therefore, if they do not have anyone to guide them, they face difficulties in completing their assignments.
  • Some parents lack the adequate knowledge and skills to guide their children; therefore, students face difficulties in their learning throughout the modular learning.
  • Modules encompass research-based assignments, and thus, students who do not have sufficient research skills face difficulties in completing their assignments.
  • A student who does not have appropriate technological resources is at a disadvantage when it comes to modular learning.
  • Students need motivation and positive encouragement from their peers and professors to complete their assignments on time. In modular learning, students can lose the motivation to work because of little human interaction.
  • Projects that require practical applications are not feasible through modular learning.
  • In some cases, modules span over shorter periods, and they encompass a lot of workloads. In such a scenario, students who are slow learners may not learn anything new. They will always remain worried about assignments and deadlines.
  • The classroom environment has a more compelling effect on student learning than the independent structure of modular learning.
  • Assignments require access to libraries and databases for collecting relevant data. Many online sources are not free, and they require paid subscriptions. Students can access free resources on campus and consult the librarian to assist them in finding the relevant sources.
  • One of the detrimental effects of modular learning on students is its impact on their professional careers. Many employers do not value modular learning compared to traditional learning methods.


There are many positive effects of modular learning on students in some cases. Students who are self-reliant and self-disciplined can enhance their academic performance and skills through modular learning. On the other hand, students who cannot work without supervision may encounter the negative effects of modular learning. Educationists and institutes can devise policies and strategies to address the problems faced by students.

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