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Why Student Don't Revise What They Write

Why Student Don't Revise
This is one of the most important things that is a major concern of parents as well as teachers; students these days do not revise what they are writing and they do not seem to be very worried about it. This is not a problem that has cropped up all of a sudden as there have always been careless and negligent students who were not interested in reading what they have written or revising their content but what is worrying is that this trend seems to be growing. While in the past it was only a small number of students who behaved this way, now it seems every student is behaving the same way; they do not want to revise what they write and they are not overly concerned about what will happen.

According to an assignment writing service, the academic process requires students to be very attentive and smart and they cannot look forward to achieving good grades if they are not careful and end up making mistakes in their classwork, homework, and assignments. This makes revision very important and they must be taught how revision can have a significant impact on their learning process as well as grades.

Experts believe there are many reasons why students don’t revise what they write and each student has his or her own story. However, no matter what the reason behind it is, this does not justify the problem and this remains a big worry for educators and parents who want students to be more responsible and aware of what they are doing and what can happen if they are not careful. This article discusses what might be some top reasons why students don’t revise what they write and how it can land them in trouble.

They Do Not Know How To Revise:

This is the biggest reason why students do not go through their work on they have finished it. Students have been told to revise for a test or revise their papers but they do not know how to do it the right way and they end up skipping this step entirely. If the students do not know what revision is all about and how to do it right, they cannot be expected to impress the teachers with their work. Each student works differently and they will revise in their way; it is up to the teachers and parents to guide and monitor them and help them in this regard.

They Are Overwhelmed With The Size Of The Task:

Revision can be overwhelming especially if it is a big paper and students feel intimidated just by the thought of going through all this. When they look at the piles of books or sheaf of papers that contain all their notes from years of study, they get scared; they already have so many things going around them and they prefer to ignore it. Content revision is not just a one-day job; it requires time and getting everything to do it right when students see their books and notes lying haphazardly lying around, just the thought of sorting it out and revising overwhelms them.

They Believe They Have Time To Do It:

Most of the students do not revise because they keep on putting it off for the last minute. They believe they have lots of time to do it but time passes very fast as they are always busy with one thing or another. Revision takes some time and for that, they need to start timely so that they can cover everything; when they do not start at the right time, they are unable to cover everything and due to this, they are unable to revise and as a result, face the consequences.

They Think They Don’t Need To Revise:

Many students don’t revise because they don’t feel the need for it. They think that their course or assignments are easy and do not want to waste time on revision. It has also been observed that students who have achieved success in their early years think they are well-prepared for their assessment or assignments and do not spend any time on revision. This is a very dangerous attitude and can land them in trouble if they are not ready to put the effort in the right direction and know what to do in time of need.

Students must be made aware of what revision is all about and how it can make big difference in their academic life. They might have their reasons why they don’t revise but no reason is good enough and they must learn the significance and benefits of revision to improve their results.

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