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Best Winter Break Destinations to Visit Within Budget

Winter Break Destinations
Looking for an affordable winter escape? Whether you’re dreaming of heading south to sunnier shores or hoping to hit the slopes this ski season, winter getaways will be costly. If you’re in need of a winter vacation, but the cost is a deciding issue, consider one of the more affordable destinations around the world where the currency conversion is in your favor and your dollar can go the furthest. So, here are some of the best places as shared by experts of a cheap essay writing service;

Best Winter Break Destinations To Visit Within Budget

The Florida Keys:

The Florida Keys are a string of tropical islands connected by us highway one that stretches about 120 miles off the state’s southern tip. While Florida is home to a spread of affordable winter destinations, key west is popular with partiers as well as those who love beautiful beaches and sunsets, art galleries and water sports. Parrot key hotel & resort offers a good value in a very recently revamped destination resort that feels like an old-fashioned beach community, complete with picket fences and porches, but if resorts and hotels in key west are a bit too pricey for your tastes, consider staying on one of the keys farther north like marathon or Islamorada, which tend to be cheaper. Lime tree bay resort is known as one of the best affordably-priced resorts in the keys. Set along a palm-shaded, sandy beach, it offers all sorts of activity options, including kayaking onsite, swimming in one of two pools, soaking in the hot tub and lounging during a hammock.

Napa Valley and Sonoma County, California:

A slower pace of life settles over the Napa and Sonoma valleys after the grapes are harvested and also the new wines are safely tucked away to age in cellars and caves. Winter is dubbed “cabernet season” because chillier temperatures inspire a turn to heartier cuisine and bigger red wines. A visit during this cooler time of year still yields the many charms of both valleys, from wine tasting to soaking in thermal pools. But not only will you find a more intimate experience—one with fewer tour buses to battle and more room to linger over a tasting flight at a local winery—you’ll even be able to enjoy it all for less.

Winter is also yellow mustard season in Napa and Sonoma, a time when the valleys are blanketed in the vivid yellow blooms of wild mustard flowers. Restaurant month—a time to sample world-renowned restaurants for a fraction of the usual price—takes over napa in January and happens in Sonoma later in winter. And despite fewer visitors, Napa and Sonoma still offer a full schedule of events like art shows and gourmet food tastings.

Quebec City:

The cobblestone streets can in all probability be lined in snow, however, that should not discourage you from exploring neighborhoods like previous Québec and quartier petit Champlain. The Canadian city celebrates its way through the frigid temperatures with free or low-cost events and festivals that last from Christmastime to carnival in February. When you need to warm up, explore the splendid interiors of Notre-dame de Québec and the Sainte-Anne-de-Beauprey shine, both of which offer free entry.


If all you dream about for a winter vacation is escaping to a tranquil Mexican beach, Cozumel is your answer: turquoise water, great snorkelling and warm temps attract travelers in droves. For lodging, choose a bed-and-breakfast or a vacation rental to save some coin. If you want to visit Cozumel's parks, such as Chankanab adventure beach park and Punta Sur eco beach park, which both charge entrance fees, check the parks' websites for coupons and specials before you book.


Winter in Banff is characterized by snow and skiing. This Canadian destination enjoys excellent skiing conditions and an under-the-radar reputation. What's more, lodging and lift ticket prices are a bargain compared to other ski spots in North America, but you'll need to book them a few months in advance to ensure availability and the best prices. With the money you've saved, you can treat yourself to a sleigh ride or an extra apres-ski drink.

Puerto Ricco:

There’s no need for a passport to visit Puerto Ricco, but you’ll be able to enjoy a tropical, exotic island just the same. From a beach that glows in the dark, the pink sands of Isla Verde, outstanding diving and snorkeling to delicious cuisine, salsa dancing the night away and waking up with incredible Puerto Rican coffee, there are many reasons to travel here. You’ll also find lots of tiny small hotels that are very budget-friendly, like the villa Montana beach resort, a full-service hideaway on the sea, located just a few miles from the airport. The Copa marina beach resort in Granica is an oceanfront resort stretching across twenty acres of lush tropical gardens offering seclusion and upscale amenities.

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