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9 Revision Tips That You Must Follow For Better Grades At A Levels

A level exam is most important and getting good grades is the headache of every student. Getting good grades requires proper time management and good revision schedule. If you are worried about your exams and you want to gain good grades, you need to focus 9 revision tips that are given below:

1. Start Early

Effective revision is that which is started early in the morning. You should set your revision time. Get up early in the morning, because, in the morning time mind become fresh and relaxed. So, it is very easy to remember the important points in the morning time. You should decide what you are going to revise and what the most important lessons that you should remember are. If you have covered your entire syllabus then you can cut out important questions. Don’t set long task, because, long time study will create the feeling of boredom. You should make a good revision schedule with little breaks. Studying with deep concentration is better than long-time study. 

2. Get Organize 

Organizing is a sign of success in every field of life. If you want to make a good revision schedule, you should organize all your work. Don’t focus on easy tasks, indeed, set difficult task for you. Cutting your revisions into little chunks will be easy for you and you will feel less scary. It will be more achievable to fulfill your task. 

3. Download the Specification

Every A level subject has some specification which you need to know, however, you should know what are the most important question. For example, in some books, most chapters are very important and the examiner takes some question from important chapters. So, you should remember these important questions. However, your school will give you complete information about the specifications, if you are unable to get specification from your teacher, you should go on Google and search your subject specifications. This is the most useful and beneficial revision tip that you should keep in mind.

4. Stay Healthy

A healthy body consists healthy mind, so staying healthy so most important for you if you want to gain good grades. As a student, you should eat healthily and balance diet. If you will eat junk food then your immune system will not work well. So, gaining success in life requires healthy mind as well as body. 

5. Be Realistic 

Most students want to live in an ideal world; therefore, they create a utopian land and fix their expectation. After getting golden dreams they remain lazy. So, their laziness becomes the failure of their life. I would like to suggest all the students that they should be realistic about their future planning. They should keep in mind that hard-working is the key to success and if they will not do efforts in life then they cannot gain success. Thinking positive sides of the things is good habit but don’t be unrealistic during the process of study. 

6. Practice past exams papers 

The following of the past paper can increase the chances of getting success. If you want to gain better grades then you should follow your past papers. Take 5 year past papers and highlight the all-important question which is included in your syllabus. After highlight this important question, you should make a list. In your revision schedule, you should learn one or two question that is included in past papers.

7. Listen To Lyric-Free Music

Listening music give refreshment to human mind, indeed, music is the food of soul. If your immune system is not well working, you need to adopt some strategies in order to concentrate on your studies. So, listening to lyric-free music will improve your memory level and you can learn things easily. If you will listen to lyric-free music then you can release your stress. 

8. Find A Quite Space

Getting better grades requires your deep research and full concentration. If a student will not concentrate on his or her studies then he will not able to learn things easily. So, turn off your mobiles and all things in the time of study that creates distraction. If you want to gain good grades, you should find a quiet space. Don’t study in a noisy environment.

9. Make Summary Notes And Reward Yourself

Another most useful tip for revision and getting good grades is the use of notes. If you are unable to learn long and difficult notes, you should make a summary of all the important notes. After hardworking you should reward yourself. 

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