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Are Vapes Better Than Cigarettes? -Assignment Help

The habit of smoking is extremely terrible because, it is detrimental to our lungs, mouth and immune system. Unfortunately, youngest, as well as older people are addictive of cigarettes and vapes. The increasing use of cigarette is an extremely dangerous and destructive trend.  The increasing of Vapes is another serious issue among young people and children. Here, the professional writer from an assignment help provider will discuss are vapes better than cigarettes.

Vaping Is Less Harmful

We can claim that vaping is less harmful than smoking, because, tobacco heat consists of fewer chemicals. Regular cigarette and tobacco contain 700 chemicals that are very harmful to human beings. However, it is a good point that vaping is less harmful than a cigarette but it can raise your blood pressure and can increase your heart rate. In most case, vaping is the cause of a heart attack. As we know that youngest people are attracting from vaping but they should keep in mind that any kind of alcohol is not beneficial for human beings.

E-Cigarette and Regular cigarette

E-cigarettes are battery-consisted devices in the shapes of cigarette and are included vapes, vapes pen, Jules and modes. Basically, all products of smoking contain nicotine and tobacco. This type of alcohol is an electronic and very modern device; therefore, people are getting an interest in it.  E-cigarette and regular cigarettes do include nicotine, however, research has shown that heroin and cocaine are very attractive and most people are addictive of it. A person can get a higher hit of the substance with the increasing quantity of cigarette’s voltage.
As we know that the young people want to get escape from this form and they are unable to bear that fever and fret of this world. If a person is not able to face the harsh realities of the actual life then he will get escape from this world and in the situation of furry, he will choose to smoke. However, it is a reality that young people have complete awareness about the disadvantage of smoking yet they are still addictive of it. Smoking is a waste of time as well as money.

Awareness About Health Issues

Good health and life are blessings of God; therefore, we should not waste it in wrong habits. If you want to get escape from the hard realities of life then you can choose different habits such as reading books, using the internet and making friends.
We have seen many advertisements to give promotion to smoking. But it is most essential that the Drug Administration should make some essential step in order to stop these advertisements. Most people want to kick the habit of smoking, but, the effect of bad society is a hindrance in the way of them, therefore, the government should take some essential steps in order to facilitate them with the good environment as well as good awareness. Young people should give complete awareness about the negative effect of smoking and they should give information about health disturbance.

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