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What Is Confirmation Bias In Decision Making And Confirmation Bias Examples

Confirmation Bias Examples
Confirmation bias is also known as confirmatory bias. Confirmation biases are the name of favour or interpret that a person expects from someone else after providing his own point of view or hypothesis. The confirmation bias is considered as an error in the inductive reasoning. Mostly confirmation bias is showed by the people when they are asked to represent the information in a biased way. For the emotionally charged issues, this effect becomes more intense than normal conditions. In order to support their existing point of view, most of the people try to present ambiguous evidence. It is also proved from the psychological experiments that most of the people show confirmation biasing while explaining their existing point of views. After getting an idea about the cost of being wrong, some people also try to show confirmation bias. In order to process the information, there require limited human capacity. In the case of personal beliefs, the confirmation bias can become a cause of overconfidence. The main types of confirmation bias are information bias, selection bias and confounding. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss confirmation bias.

Examples of confirmation bias The main aim of confirmation bias is to accept that evidence that is in favour of your own beliefs and reject all of that evidence that is against your beliefs. Some examples of confirmation bias are given below;
  • One of the most important examples of confirmation bias is the limits of reason. For example, if we put a statement that the women are bad drivers and we are not able to provide enough evidence in the support of our argument.
  • The second example of confirmation bias is the overloading of information. Overloading of the information means that we have enough information in the support of our arguments.
  • The backfire effects and effective tipping points are also solid examples of confirmation bias.
  • Perceptual defense bias is also an example of confirmation bias.

Tips to avoid confirmation bias One can easily avoid the confirmation bias by paying attention to the interaction of the information. Some essential tips to avoid confirmation bias are given below;
  • The first step to avoid confirmation bias is to get awareness about emotional intelligence. After getting enough idea about emotional intelligence, one can easily recognize the feelings that are impacting their behaviour.
  • The second step to avoid confirmation bias is to control your emotions. This habit is helpful for people to control their emotions and feelings.
  • Thirdly, we should try to show empathy. By showing empathy, it will be easy for us to disagree with others.
  • Fourthly, people should try to get organizational power. Its reason is that organizational power provides values to their organizations.
  • They should also try to get an idea of how to solve the conflicts between the organizations. After understanding the organizational conflicts management, it will be easy for people to understand the competitive perspective of different organizations.
  • The people should try to accept challenges and try to get enough knowledge about how to face these challenges.

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