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The WTO, Democracy And Development

What is the WTO?

WTO stands for the World Trade Organization. The WTO provides an opportunity for an organization to promote, manage, and find out some opportunities for free trade. There are three ways to promote and manage the trade in the WTO. First of all, there comes the agreements for the multilateral trade. In the second, there come the disputes for the different settles. Thirdly, you can also manage the ongoing negotiations. These ongoing negotiations provide a lot of opportunities to the organizations for the new agreements for the trade. There are a lot of advantages of the WTO. These advantages are given below;

1) An organization will be able to reduce the different kinds of the tariffs. This reduction of the tariffs allows an organization to promote their free trade

2) It is also a fact that there are a huge number of disputes in the trade. With the help of the WTO, you will be able to find out a legal framework in order to resolve these kinds of disputes

3) The WTO also provides an opportunity for the organizations to do the trade without any discrimination

4) The WTO also provides an environment to the customers for the fair competition

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What is a democracy?

A system that is set by the government with the help of such representatives that are elected by the representatives. The inheritance of a democracy is known as the uncertainty. If we read out the views of the different political scientists, then we come to know that the process of democracy consists of the four main points. First of all, there comes the process of election in which we try to elect the different representatives of our own choice. In the second, there comes the participation of the people that is done actively. Thirdly, there comes the process of different human rights. Fourthly, there comes the process of the establishment of the different laws. The importance of the democracy is given below;

1) It is an important way to support the different kinds of the legitimates

2) The democracy is the most important thing to protect the basic rights of a human in a society

3) With the help of the democracy, one will be able to stable the different kinds of the democratic transitions

What is development?

The process in which we develop different kinds of things is known as the development. The process of development depends upon the following seven factors. First of all, this thing should be proven. Secondly, this should have the ability to repeatable. Thirdly, it should be owner driven. Fourthly, it should be compatible. Fifthly, it should be executable. In the six, there should be sustained in its. At last, there comes the success of that project. The importance of the development is given below;

1) It provides us with a roadmap to meet the needs of a specific area

2) You will be able to identify the different issues in the society

3) It is helpful to provide the different kinds of the job opportunities within a society

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