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How Can We Differentiate an Undergraduate and Masters’ Dissertation?

Undergraduate Dissertation
Most of the students are confused when someone asks them to tell the difference between the undergraduate degree and graduate degree. An undergraduate degree is associated with the bachelor’s degree and on the other hand, the graduate degree is associated with the master’s degree. Both of the degrees are related to the university and in this way, if we want to complete a university degree, then we will need to write a dissertation. There is a clear difference between the undergraduate degree and master’s degree that almost all cheap dissertation writing service follows. In this article, I am going to inform you about the difference between the undergraduate dissertation and master’s dissertation.

The Structure of Dissertation/ Requirements of the Chapters:
As for as structure of the dissertation is concerned, there is no major difference in writing a dissertation for undergraduate or master’s degree because the requirements of the chapters are the same. The most important chapters in the undergraduate and master’s dissertation are given below;
  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature review
  4. Research methodology
  5. Discussion
  6. Analysis of the results
  7. Conclusion
Both of the dissertations are written in the same format and almost the same type of information is written in these chapters. Even that the cover page and the bibliography section of both the undergraduate and master’s dissertations are the same.

Topic Selection Method:
There are three most important properties of a topic. First, it should be relevant to your subject. In the second, it should be feasible. In the third, it should be important. When you are going to select a topic for the undergraduate or a masters’ dissertation, the topic must have these qualities. However the topic for an undergraduate level is easier as compared to master’s degree dissertation topic.

The Requirement of the Dissertation Proposal:
When you are going to write a dissertation at undergraduate level, the proposal is not necessary. Sometimes students are asked to write a dissertation proposal before starting their dissertation while other times they can simply start writing dissertation without submitting a proposal. In case dissertation proposal is asked by your university, it is not necessary to provide in-depth details. On the other hand, at master’s level, it is necessary for a student to write a dissertation proposal first and get it approved before writing a dissertation. In addition to this, the dissertation proposal should be written with in-depth details.

The Requirements of the Research:
Both the undergraduate and master’s dissertations are written with the help of conducting an effective research. The research should be conducted at the deepest level for the both dissertations.

Difference In the Length of Dissertation:
An undergraduate dissertation is not written so long when it comes to writing an introduction. On the other hand, when you are going to write a master’s dissertation, then it is necessary for you to write a longer dissertation.

Difference the Overall Instructions:
The instructions provided in the undergraduate dissertation are easier than the master’s dissertation. Its reason is that a master’s dissertation is written with the help of more demanding instructions. These are the basic differences between the undergraduate and master’s dissertation.

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