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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Case Study Research

This informative post is written by Case Study Writing Services about the case study. After reading this post, you will be able to get an idea about the possible benefits and drawbacks of case study research. 

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Case Study Research 

A research methodology that is used to conduct research in social sciences is known as a case study. With the help of this research methodology, it is possible for us to investigate the phenomenon in real-life contexts. In order to explore the causes of the underlying principles, it is necessary for us to conduct in-depth research about an individual or a group. While writing the case study, it is possible for us to analyze the content either by using a descriptive analysis method or an exploratory analysis method. There are some benefits as well as drawbacks of the case study method. Here, we will describe the possible benefits and drawbacks of case study research. 

Benefits of case study research 

There are lots of benefits of case study research. Some of them are given below; 

1) It turns client observation into useable data 

With the help of case study research, it is possible for us to get verified data. Its reason is that in the case study research, we have to gather data from direct observations. On the basis of this data, it is possible for us to generate some specific results. 

2) It turns opinion into fact 

With the help of case studies, it is also possible for us to generate facts and figures in real-time. While conducting case study research, we have to adopt a specific path. With the help of this path, it is possible for us to turn our opinions into information. This information can be taken as facts. 

3) It is relevant to all parties involved 

If you choose the case study research by following a specific method, it will be easy for you to invite all the participants to take part in this case study research. By engaging all the parties in the data collection method, it is also easy for us to improve the quality and reliability of our research. 

4) It uses a number of different research methodologies 

There are some people who think that it is possible for us to gather data for a case study just by conducting interviews and direct observations. It is a wrong belief because case study research allows us to gather the required amount of data by involving yourself in different kinds of research methodologies

5) It can be done remotely 

In order to conduct case study research, it is not necessary for the researchers to show their presence at a specific location. It means that students are free to conduct case study research either on the phone, email or other forms of remote communication. 

6) It is inexpensive 

The budget is the main consideration for the researchers before commencing the research conducting process. One of the most important benefits of case study research is that it is inexpensive. 

Drawbacks of case study research 

Along with benefits, there are also some drawbacks to case study research. These drawbacks are explained below; 

1) It has come to influence factors within the data 

There is a possibility of biasing in the case study research. Its reason is that while conducting case study research, the researcher is free to show his/her results on the basis of his/her observations. In some cases, a researcher can show such results that are true for him/her but not for others. 

2) It takes longer to analyze the data 

After gathering a huge amount of data about a specific topic, it is also possible for us to analyze that data. After gathering enormous data for the purpose of writing the case study, it also takes a huge amount of time to analyze that data. 

3) It can be an inefficient method 

If you want to conduct an effective case study research, it is necessary for you to involve the participants in the research. Sometimes, there is a possibility that your participants are passive and they don’t show enough involvement in your research. Under such a situation, your case study research will be inefficient. 

4) It requires a small sample size to be effective 

While analyzing the data, we have to select a small sample size. Sometimes, there is a possibility that this small sample size is not helpful for us to yield the necessary amount of data. 

5) It is a labour-intensive method of data collection 

If you want to gather enough data Collection for your case study research, it is necessary for you that you should have impressive language skills. Due to the lack of language skills, you will never be able to gather such a huge amount of data. 

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